B   E   S   T       H   I   T   S

F O L K     G U I T A R     S O N G S  2

Guitar  六 線 譜 旋 律 獨 奏

PLUS     G u i t a r   V e r s I o n  CD

Vincent Don McLean   500 Miles Peter, Paul & Mary

Dust In The Wind Kansas  In the morning Bee Gees

Bridge over troubled water   Simon & Garfunkel

There’s a kind of hush   Herman’s Hermits / The Carpenters

Morning has broken   Cat Stevens    一點燭光 關正傑

童年時 夏韶聲  Tears In Heaven   Eric Clapton  是否  蘇芮

First of May   Bee Gees  What a wonderful world   Louis Armstrong

水霞   區瑞強  Street of London  Ralph McTell

月亮代表我的心   陳芬蘭 / 鄧麗君       For Baby  John Denver

最愛是誰  林子祥   Your Song   Elton John

Sometimes When We Touch Dan Hill

執迷不悔 王菲   愛的呼喚   郭富城

Me and the elephant  Gene Cotton / Chris De Burgh

1. Vincent – Don McLean

2. 500 Miles – Peter, Paul & Mary

3. Dust In The Wind – Kansas

4. Bridge over troubled water – Simon & Garfunkel

5. In the morning – Bee Gees

6. There’s a kind of hush – Herman’s Hermits / The Carpenters

7. Morning has broken – Cat Stevens

8. 一點燭光 – 關正傑

9. 童年時 – 夏韶聲

10. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

11. 是否 – 蘇芮

12. First of May – Bee Gees

13. What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong

14. 水霞 – 區瑞強

15. Street of London – Ralph McTell

16. 月亮代表我的心 – 陳芬蘭 / 鄧麗君

17. 最愛是誰 – 林子祥

18.Your Song – Elton John

19. Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill

20. 執迷不悔 – 王菲

21. Me and the elephant – Gene Cotton / Chris De Burgh

22. 愛的呼喚 – 郭富城

23. For Baby – John Denver

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