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演奏: 美國結他大師STEVE LAURY

Steve Laury is a contemporary jazz guitarist, arranger, composer, producer and national recording artist. He primarily recorded in the Contemporary Jazz format and produced five very successful solo albums. Originally influenced by blues players and then Wes Montgomery, Laury started on guitar when he was 11 but did not take it seriously until he had turned 18. A few years later, he moved to San Diego where he met Carl Evans and Mark Hunter; Fattburger resulted. Laury remained in the group for over five years. He launched his solo career in the early 1990s with Stepping Out, the first of several recordings for DENON that displayed his accessible yet reasonably adventurous style. From 1991 through 1996, Laury was one of the more popular Jazz guitarists around, and then he quietly quit recording.

Steve Laury (Guitars & Vocals)

Ron Satterfield (Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Bass & Bass)

Kevin Hennessy (Electric Bass & Bass)

Duncan Moore (Drums & Percussion)

Rob Whitlock (Keyboards, Vocals, Synth Bass & Bass)

1.     Stepping Out

2.     All Because Of You

3.     Kiss Me Goodbye

4.     Walk Your Talk

5.     The Day She Went Away

6.     In My Dreams

7.     I Like That

8.     Passion

9.     Keepin’ The Faith

10.   Close Your Eyes

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