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[Blu-ray] Blu-ray discs for sale

發表於 2019-4-26 00:35:00 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式
本帖最後由 rklpoon 於 2019-4-26 21:10 編輯

All bought brand new, except a few bought from local disc rental shop, seldom watch, good condition, trade at You Tong MTR, $60 per disc, first come first serve, thx.

Music and demo:-

US version, English subtitle only:-

English and Chinese subtitles:-

 樓主| 發表於 2019-4-26 21:11:34 | 顯示全部樓層
All seven discs in music and demo group(1st pic) sold to a nice Ching. Please PM me and leave your phone number to trade, thx
 樓主| 發表於 2019-4-28 14:34:19 | 顯示全部樓層
 樓主| 發表於 2019-4-29 16:32:48 | 顯示全部樓層
Oblivion/攻元2077 sold, thx.
 樓主| 發表於 2019-5-2 20:02:00 | 顯示全部樓層
Two "007" discs sold, thx
 樓主| 發表於 2019-5-4 00:07:17 | 顯示全部樓層
Bourne Trilogy box set sold, thx.
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