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[附件] 最有效之較盤工具 - 德國acoustical- systems SMARTractor

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SMARTractor video part 1 - introduction and description
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Michael Fremer turntable table setup seminar

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SMARTractor video 2 - aligning a cartridge / tonearm with the SMARTractor

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SMARTractor Video tutorial part 3 - setting P2S with the SMARTractor

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史上最強, 當之無愧!


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acoustical systems 也出產一款 SMARTstulus.


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logo (1).jpg

Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell
Available in Satin Silver or Satin Black
Allow us to introduce to you the arché-headshell - the true audiophile headshell design which sets an all new standard in versatility and sound quality. This new audiophile headshell will allow you to hear the sound really engraved in your records. It's unique technical features and solutions are all for only one purpose:
- to bring to your ears and senses the utmost musical experience in the best possible sonics. Experience what a headshell can really do for the sound of an analog front-end.


When you listen for maybe the first time to a perfect SRA-aligned audiophile cartridge in a headshell which does preserve all the tiny details and transfers every nuance of energy extracted from the stylus to really reach the phono stage and opens up the full musical spell which was recorded.
The arché headshell is the best link you will find between your cartridge and your tonearm.
Your cartridge will love the arché - because it will bring out the very best in it and allows it to shine in a way like never before - and so will you.

The arche SRA-headshell - introduction of the best phono headshell

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adktk 發表於 2016-10-17 22:51
史上最強, 當之無愧!

無疑 SMARTractor 有佢獨特之處而其他 Universal protractor 無提供出黎。

http://www.hiendy.com/hififorum/ ... &extra=page%3D1

1.        嚴禁一切誹謗、人身攻擊、侮辱、謾罵、挑釁等言論
2.        嚴禁所有灌水或任何形式的洗版行為
3.        嚴禁張貼不雅照片及有關網站連結
4.        嚴禁張貼任何侵權或懷疑侵權的相片、檔案或文章
5.        嚴禁在討論區帖子內兜售任何貨品或服務(網站商戶除外)
6.        嚴禁在二手區出售全新物品
7.        嚴禁所有團購或代購本地及海外貨品
8.        嚴禁於本網站中發放會員與任何機構聯合舉辦的公開活動


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The SMARTractor is probably the finest, most intelligently designed tonearm alignment tool available on the market.  Typically German, it is beautifully made, with really thoughtful provision of features that make accurately setting up a tonearm ridiculously easy.  Do you think that you can do it better by eye?  Most turntable users never go back to manual setup methods, after using a tool like this!
Read this review from the Audio Beat and understand why this is special and better than any alternative – http://www.theaudiobeat.com/blog/smartractor.htm

So, what’s special about the SMARTractor?

The SMARTractor now comes with one nylon centre bush, with a universal ‘gripping’ insert that is much easier to use than the previous arrangement of 3 separate bushes to accommodate different spindle sizes.
A unique bundle of features:
The SMARTractor comes with 5 tangential curves combined in 1 template.
the SMARTractor’s template is made from 3mm (= same thickness as 180 gr LP) strong premium grade german XT mirrored acrylic supplied by Evonik.
no-error-possible single-point alignment with 3mm deep parallax which means you can line up the cartridge cantilever very accurately against the calibrated marking and their reflections – you can be 100% sure that you’re looking from the correct angle.
enables you to precisely align a cartridge according to its cantilever, rather than the body sides.  Ever tried to align a cartridge body that does not have straight sides?  No problem at all with the SMARTtractor, even when the body obscures the cantilever.
super easy to use with 1-point fixed setting for every tangential curve.
all alignment lines are cnc-laser cut hairlines.
incorporates real glass aluminum-frame magnifier with automatic focus jig for unrivalled precise magnified view during alignment.
all 5 tangential alignments are based on true triangular positioning and thus are independent of effective length and thus suitable for ALL pivot tonearms, no matter what their effective length or mounting position.
The SMARTractor further comes with in-built direct mounting distance – P2S -measurement with 0.05mm accuracy.
The total of 5 tangential options of course includes the old audio phono standards set by Loefgren and Baerwald in the late 1930s and 1940s in both – IEC and DIN – norms:

-Loefgren A / Baerwald DIN
-Loefgren A / Baerwald IEC
-Loefgren B DIN
-Loefgren B IEC

The SMARTractor also features the critically acclaimed UNI-DIN tangential curve.   An all new tangential curve which is the latest calculation and the first one which does really take into account the special requirements and circumstances of a stereo stylus tracking a non linear stereo groove with increasing differences between the two groove walls.  In the last 2/3 of the record’s groove, the UNI-DIN curve offers significant (18-45%) less average – as well as less total! – distortion than Baerwald or Loefgren.  The UNI-DIN tangential alignment is available only in the SMARTractor and the UNI-Protractor from Acoustical Systems.    Sonically this gives you less stress on human (female) voices, more subtle details, less “grain”, increased “air” and considerable more “headroom” in critical passages and especially so in climaxes.
The SMARTractor does not give you an option for Stevenson alignment – this is because Stevenson trades notably higher tracing error and distortion over most of the record for lower distortion at the inner grooves, so it’s a worse compromise than Loefgren B or UNI-DIN (see graph below, linked to Analog Planet article by Michael Fremer).  


Why 5 different options for alignment of cartridge/tonearm?
The vast number of tonearms introduced in the past 40 years not only display a large number of different concepts, but also a considerable diversity in geometries.  Furthermore it makes a significant difference whether the record we want to track with best possible results is a modern pressing with a very long run-out/lead-out (‘unmodulated groove’ or ‘dead wax’), or whether the record’s groove is cut close to the paper inner label.   The latter is often found with countless records made in the early stereo years from 1958 up till 1974.  The SMARTractor takes into account the diversity of geometries found in pivot tonearms – as well as the different situations in records past and present.
The SMARTractor offers the best possible tangential curve for every requirement, for every pivot tonearm – as well as for every record collection;  and it makes sure that the serious audiophile gets the most perfect, utmost precise alignment possible.
Even more important, this ultra precise result is achieved swift, with ease and free of any possible error, without the need for any specialist knowledge, nor special manual skills.   Setting up your analog front-end with unparalleled precision – and with the BEST SONIC results obtainable – is only a matter of a few minutes when using the SMARTractor.

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SMARTractor 的量尺, 每把都由人手檢查, 絕對準確才出廠

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SMARtractor 附3組spindle size adaptor.  供不同粗幼spindle 使用.  實試分別明顯!  

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New extra Long position beam

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P.A.S. - the true Professional Phono Alignment Set

The P.A.S. offers - for the first time - an all-complete set of unique quality professional instruments and tools to ensure perfect set-up and alignment for each and every tonearm, cartridge and turntable - past, present and future.

A custom made in Germany attaché-style aluminum suitcase packed with a extensive and sophisticated selection of - made in Germany and Japan - tools and precision instruments.

This handy, stylish and mobile set offers to the serious audiophile and the professional dealer focussing on analog components and set-up an unmatched universal tool-box to make the best possible analog set-up - and documentation! - a really swift and easy job.

The custom made full aluminum P.A.S. suitcase contains the following:

- UNI-Protractor Set
- UNI-Scope
- LED magnifying glasses 1.5x, 2.5x, 3.5x
- selection of up to 12 tangential geometry templates
- selection of 3 different size precision spirit levels
- selection of 6 size hex wrenches metric
- selection of 6 size hex wrenches inch
- selection of 6 size Philips screw drivers
- selection of 6 size slot head screw drivers
- 8x magnifying metal frame lupe
- cold light battery powered lamp
- azimuth template
- overhang template
- 12" stroboscope disk for 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm - 50 Hz and 60 Hz
- digital cartridge stylus VTF gauge - illuminated - with 0.01 gr accuracy
- manuals and software CD

What does the P.A.S. offer compared to other set-up devices and tools?

With the P.A.S.  the serious audiophile and professional user alike can perform the following set-ups - in unmatched precision, swift, easy:

* precise leveling of turntable, mounting / arm board and tonearm bearing.
* precise checking turntable actual speed - 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm - 50/60 hz.
* precisely determine and mark mounting distance P2S with 0.05 mm accuracy.
* true triangular 1-point-alignment for each and every tonearm past, present and future.

This includes also all tonearms with an odd geometry.
Tonearms NOT possible to align to any good results with any standard protractor.
Including tonearms like many vintage SAEC, Fidelity Research, Grace, Toho and many more, which do not follow Loefgren A / Baerwald nor Loefgren B nor Stevenson.

Special optimized templates are available for even the most odd tonearm.

* direct read-out of P2S while aligning the cartridge - an unique option and only possible with these instruments.
* magnifying alignment area by 20x and viewing via Laptop / PC.
* documenting with 20x magnification the quality and precision of cartridge alignment by photo-file.
* inspecting stylus condition and documenting it with 200x magnification.
* angle and distance length measurement for stylus in the smallest dimensions.
* adjustable 8 LED cold-light for alignment spot.
* direct overhang read-out for every tonearm.
* direct look-through azimuth template for cartridge and tonearm.
* precisely adjusting VTF with 0.01 mn (gram) accuracy

In addition:

* all precision tools for attending each and every small to miniature screw - metric and inch - Allen wrench, Philips and slotted head.
Thus making sure, that you won’t run into a situation with an unknown or foreign made tonearm where you can’t attend a needed setting.

The P.A.S. is the true one-of-a-kind all-complete instrument tool-box for the serious audiophile, high-end dealer in analog front-end and professional analog set-up person.

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acoustical systems SMARTractor令大家更清晰更肯定地調較唱臂/唱頭.

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SMARTractor on Kuzma Stabi Ref. & 4Point tonearm

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SMARTractor with VPI

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tmpayk 發表於 2017-3-14 17:53

咁識貨? 依塊野的確好駛好用!

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