“Core” music server

Powerful processing unit for extreme quality upsample to DSD512
Fanless cooling design no mechanical vibration completely silent
OCXO system clock for extreme low jitter 0.25-0.35ps
Frequency Stability ±20 ppb Phase
True Linear supply 400W less than 0.2mVrms Ripple and 60000uF capacitors
Selected ultra-low CL value (CL10) RAM for the best data processing accuracy
Extreme quality UPOCC internal cable, for pure power connection
Audio ground connection design for connected any Ground enhancement items for performance upgrade
supports DoP (DSD over PCM)
Rips CDs in any formats
supports the loss free streaming service TIDAL
Roon music player (ready)
Support external USB storage devices or networks
works with M2 SSD memory for the best performance
Add designs for the best Music performance.
Bybee Quantum Purifiers eliminate sub-audible noise—i.e., noise unmeasurable by typical test-bench instruments. (option)
Painless remote customer service 2yr
A Music Server with well designed upgrade opportunities and future ready technologies
Dimensions 435mm x 319mm x 100mm (LxDxH)


Cpu i7 8700
RAM 16G corsair dominator CL10
M2,256 SSD (option 1T, 2T)
fanless case
True Linear power supply with 60000uF capacitors
OCXO clock
UPOCC internal cable
Bybee Quantum Purifier (option)


dbpoweramp cd ripper

Supported source formats:

CDDA (Audio CD)
DSDIFF (DFF, non-compressed)
RIFF (WAV, including DXD)



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