全新 Siltech 的 Classic Legend 系列誕生了!其中包括訊號綫、喇叭綫、電源綫,從它們的售價來看是提供了卓越的性能。它們能夠擁有極高的價值,主要是受益於Siltech新開發的超低失真G9銀金合金導體,以及採用的獨有的杜邦化工鐵氟龍(Teflon)和PEEK絕緣組合,作爲最高級的電氣和機械噪音抑制。
Legend是Siltech的Classic系列最新推出的綫材,代表了他們在對導體和絕緣材料進行了三十多年研究的又一個高峰。儘管它售價適中,但其具有的低電容、出色的高頻特性和極低的失真。這些都代表著出色的音質 – 平滑,平衡的音調和出色的立體聲結像特性。
※ 獨家Siltech G9 (銀/金) 合金導體
※ 定製杜邦 Teflon 和 PEEK 絕緣體
※ 同級中領先的音質
※ 失真低不可測
※ 出色的 RFI 和 EMI 抑制能力
※ 在荷蘭設計及製造
※ 系列包含了模擬、數碼、喇叭和電源各種線材
※ Siltech NFC標籤可確保產品的真實性
※ 物超所值
Classsic Legend 系列線材種類:
模擬訊號線: 380i、680i、880i
訊號地線: Zero Ohm Link
喇叭線: 380L、680L、880L
電源線: 380P、680P、880P
數碼線: 380D、380 USB、Network
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The Classic becomes a Legend
The new Classic Legend range of interconnects, loudspeaker cables and power cords delivers exceptional performance for its price. It offers superb value for money thanks to the combination of Siltech’s ultra low loss G9 silver-gold alloy conductors, and an exclusive insulation package using DuPont Teflon and PEEK, for superlative electrical and mechanical noise rejection.
The latest in Siltech’s Classic series of cables, Legend represents the culmination of over thirty years of research into conductor and insulation materials. Despite its moderate pricing, it has low capacitance, excellent high frequency characteristics and the lowest possible distortion. This translates to a superbly resolved sound with a smooth, balanced tonality and exceptional stereo imaging properties.
※ exclusive Siltech G9 silver-gold alloy conductor
※ bespoke DuPont Teflon and PEEK insulation
※ class-leading sound quality
※ ultra low measured distortion
※ superb RF and magnetic interference rejection
※ designed and manufactured in The Netherlands
※ analog, digital, speaker and power cables
※ Siltech NFC tag ensures product authenticity
※ excellent value for money
Classsic Legend range:
Interconnects: 380i、680i、880i
Ground cable: Zero Ohm Link
Loudspeaker cables: 380L、680L、880L
Power cable: 380P、680P、880P
Digital cables: 380D、380 USB、Network
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