珍納  極級試音碟皇
Jheena Lodwick    A Time for Us
由夏韶聲〝諳〞發燒碟幕後錄音班底 X Acoustic Mood Orchestra 以最先進的錄音技術及優美精細的編曲

* Release Date: December 2022
* Product Title: Jheena Lodwick_A Time for Us
* Artist: Jheena Lodwick
* Cat No:. NCGJL2022-2
* Barcode:  9221 0318 2022 6
* Made in Germany
* Song:
A Time For Us
The Painter (Solo by Bong)
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Love Will Lead You Back
Lady Greensleeves
Here There & Everywhere(Solo by Bong)
You Needed Me
Lately(Duet with Bong)
You Don’t Know

Categories: Feature, 新碟速遞區
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